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Activism and Social Justice Division 
African American Communication and Culture Division 
American Forensic Association 
American Society for the History of Rhetoric 
American Studies Division 
Applied Communication Division 
Argumentation and Forensics Division 
Asian/Pacific American Caucus 
Asian/Pacific American Communication Studies Division 
Association for Business Communication 
Association for Chinese Communication Studies 
Association for Communication Administration 
Association for the Rhetoric of Science, Technology, and Medicine 
Basic Course Division 
Black Caucus 
Caribbean Communication Caucus 
Caucus on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns 
Chinese Communication Association 
Communication and Aging Division 
Communication and Law Division 
Communication and Military Division 
Communication and Social Cognition Division 
Communication and Sport Division 
Communication and the Future Division 
Communication as Social Construction Division 
Communication Assessment Division 
Communication Association of Eurasian Researchers 
Communication Centers Section 
Communication Ethics Division 
Community College Section 
Critical and Cultural Studies Division 
Cross Examination Debate Association 
Disability Issues Caucus 
Economics, Communication, and Society Division 
Elementary and Secondary Education Section 
Emeritus/Retired Members Section 
Environmental Communication Division 
Ethnography Division 
Experiential Learning in Communication Division 
Family Communication Division 
Feminist and Gender Studies Division 
Freedom of Expression Division 
Game Studies Division 
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Communication Studies Division 
Great Ideas for Teaching Students (G.I.F.T.S) 
Group Communication Division 
Health Communication Division 
Human Communication and Technology Division 
Indigenous Caucus 
Instructional Development Division 
International and Intercultural Communication Division 
International Listening Association 
Interpersonal Communication Division 
Japan-U.S. Communication Association 
Kenneth Burke Society 
Korean American Communication Association 
La Raza Caucus 
Lambda Pi Eta 
Language and Social Interaction Division 
Latino/Latina Communication Studies Division 
Mass Communication Division 
Master's Education Section 
Media Ecology Association 
National Forensics Association 
National States Advisory Council 
NFHS Speech, Debate, and Theatre Association 
Nonverbal Communication Division 
Organizational Communication Division 
Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide 
Peace and Conflict Communication Division 
Performance Studies Division 
Philosophy of Communication Division 
Pi Kappa Delta 
Political Communication Division 
Public Address Division 
Public Dialogue and Deliberation Division 
Public Relations Division 
Religious Communication Association 
Research in Progress Roundtables 
Rhetorical and Communication Theory Division 
Russian Communication Association 
Scholar to Scholar 
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 
Short Courses 
Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction 
South West Asian/North African, Middle East Caucus 
Spiritual Communication Division 
Student Section 
Theatre, Film and New Multi-Media Division 
Training and Development Division 
Undergraduate College and University Section 
Urban Communication Foundation 
Visual Communication Division 
Women's Caucus 
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