Pre-Conference 07: Using Interactional Approaches in Equity Focused Applied Communication Research: Insights from Multidisciplinary Teams

Sponsor: Preconferences
Wed, 11/15: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
Gaylord National 
Room: Chesapeake 12 - Convention Center, Ballroom Level 
This pre-conference explores the role that interactional approaches in the traditions of language and social interaction (LSI) play in multidisciplinary, applied research addressing issues of equity. The pre-conference begins with a panel of experienced LSI scholars who work on multidisciplinary research teams. LSI scholars discuss how various LSI approaches, such as Conversation Analysis, Discourse Analysis, the Ethnography of Communication, and Communication Design, can be extended and used for applied, equity-focused research in varying contexts including dialogue, deliberation, small claims courts, suicide hotline calls, learning environments, and clinic interactions. Panelists address how LSI approaches contribute to and are integrated into the project's aims, challenges of and principles for translating LSI work to the institutions they work in/with, and lessons learned. Second, two panels showcase grant-funded research teams whose members discuss how LSI has played a role in their larger projects. One panel highlights team-based work addressing equity at the intersections of health and education and a second panel showcases work on the circulation and implications of misinformation on social media among Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Both LSI and non-LSI team members reflect on issues and challenges with translating/understanding LSI approaches and their perceptions about the value of LSI approaches for doing applied, equity-focused research. The pre-conference will close with a graduate student-focused roundtable where students can ask questions and receive advice and feedback from the other pre-conference participants and panelists.


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