Pre-Conference 06: Organizing Freedom 101: Learning to Collaborate, Curate, and Create Culturally Intelligent Community Organizations and Partnerships that Make a Difference

Sponsor: Preconferences
Wed, 11/15: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
Gaylord National 
Room: Potomac 6 - Convention Center, Ballroom Level 
Whether as social entrepreneurs, non-profit founders, activists, or consultants, more scholars are entering the public sphere to lend their services and talents to assist communities in need to become emancipated from social, environmental, financial, and political chains of bondage. However, while good intentions are a start, many scholars need more practical knowledge to successfully and culturally intelligently create, consult, or collaborate with diverse communities.

This pre-conference seeks to convene those scholars interested in directly engaging with their communities as consultants, activists, or founders of social innovation/non-profit organizations. Rather than focusing on developing theory, this pre-conference will focus on equipping participants with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful organizing. In addition, the format utilized will allow participants to get substantial assistance and feedback on ongoing projects, collaborations, and ideations.

This pre-conference will allow attendees to workshop the fundamental principles of non-profit or social entrepreneurship organizing, including vision and mission, strategic planning, funding; working with religious and civic organizations; and board and community relations. Additionally, participants will learn the framework of cultural intelligence as an essential component of working with and in diverse cultural contexts. Presenters will include scholars-founders and community organizers of youth, criminal justice reform, religious entrepreneurship, and urban farming organizing.


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