Short Course 04: Teaching Interpersonal Communication by Centering Self with Others

Sponsor: Short Courses
Fri, 11/17: 9:30 AM - 12:15 PM EST
Gaylord National 
Room: Azalea 3 - Hotel, Ballroom Level 
Introductory interpersonal communication courses offer a foundation in the concepts, theories, and skills that can help students understand and improve their interactions with other people.


J.J. De La Cruz, Pennsylvania State University  - Contact Me


Denise Solomon, Pennsylvania State University  - Contact Me
Kellie St.Cyr Brisini, Louisiana State University  - Contact Me
Amanda Goodwin Caporaletti, Penn State University  - Contact Me
Jorlanditha Austin, Rutgers University  - Contact Me
Hannah E. Jones, Rutgers University  - Contact Me
Kamran Afary, California State University Los Angeles  - Contact Me
Jennifer A. Theiss, Rutgers University  - Contact Me


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