Preconference 10: Using Creative and Arts-Based Research Approaches to Expand Equity, Advocacy, and Impact of Health and Disability Communication Research

Sponsor: Preconferences
Wed, 11/16: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM CST
Room: Oak Alley - 4th Floor 
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For scholars dedicated to addressing social inequities related to health and disability, one of the fundamental questions is how to produce scholarship and translate research that centers individuals' voices and agency in a manner that is engaging and persuasive to various non-academic audiences. Unfortunately, traditional academic training focuses on historical and normative ways of designing, implementing, analyzing, and presenting academic research. Therefore, regardless of intent, scholars are not often equipped with knowledge, insight, and/or the practice of producing more engaging and creative modes of scholarship. The purpose of this pre-conference is to provide a forum for learning about, discussing, and workshopping ideas reflecting creative and art-based research (ABR) that can better advocate for inclusion and address inequities related to health and disability. The format and structure of the pre-conference will include two panels, small-group discussion breakout sessions, as well as a creative brainstorming session to discuss ideas and perspectives on advancing ABR in communication research and potential collaborations. Confirmed panelists include esteemed scholars, such as Drs. Angela Cooke-Jackson, Nicole Defenbaugh, Laura Ellingson, Lynn Harter, Margaret Quinlan, Srivi Ramasubramanian, Marie Thompson, and talented current and former graduate students, Renca Dunn and Jacqueline Gunning, respectively-all of whom center identities and voices in various art forms to co-create transformative communication artifacts (art, comic books, films, podcasts, plays, videos) to increase empathy, expand our possibilities, and advocate for equity. Reflecting the conference theme, the goal is to honor diverse ways of experiencing health and ability by focusing on "people, liberation, advocacy, community," and ways of transforming "environments" (including the academic environment) to be more inclusive, engaging, and transformative for health equity.


Angela Palmer-Wackerly, University of Nebraska-Lincoln  - Contact Me


Jordan Soliz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln  - Contact Me
Florence Dunn, University of Nebraska-Lincoln  - Contact Me


Angela Cooke-Jackson, California State University Los Angeles  - Contact Me
Nicole L. Defenbaugh, Weber State University  - Contact Me
Laura L. Ellingson, Santa Clara University  - Contact Me
Lynn M. Harter, Ohio University  - Contact Me
Margaret M. Quinlan, University of North Carolina at Charlotte  - Contact Me
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Syracuse University  - Contact Me
Marie Thompson, Wright State University  - Contact Me
Jacqueline Gunning, University of Connecticut  - Contact Me


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