Indigenous Media Forms, Frames, & Futurisms: Comparing Anishinaabe and Mainstream News Coverage of the Line #3 Pipeline Project

Sponsor: International and Intercultural Communication Division
Fri, 11/18: 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM CST
Room: Napoleon Ballroom B2 - 3rd Floor 
This comparative project examines discourses about the Line #3 Pipeline Project in Indigenous versus non-Indigenous newspapers in the Great Lakes region. Using critical qualitative textual analysis, we compare media forms, frames, and futurisms in 621 articles from 2014-present from four Anishinaabe newspapers and three mainstream newspapers. The analysis revealed divergent viewpoints in Indigenous vs non-Indigenous media frames: (1) honoring the environment as kin rather than as a commodity (2) future versus present security, and (3) resistance as protection versus disruption. The study highlights the need for honoring Indigenous values, voices, and sovereignty in the media.


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