Honoring PLACE: A Methodological Lens for the Conduction of Ethical and Historically Grounded Research on Racialized Ethnicity in the Americas

Sponsor: International and Intercultural Communication Division
Sat, 11/19: 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM CST
Room: Napoleon Ballroom B2 - 3rd Floor 
Inspired both by the recent call from global, intercultural, and international communication to de-Westernize scholarship and conduct more comparative research, and the concept of PLACE at the NCA annual convention theme, this paper proposes a methodological lens for the conduction of ethical, historically grounded, and culturally specific research around intersecting inequalities in the Americas. I analyze how Argentina and the U.S. have historically constructed notions of race and nation to exemplify how communication scholarship should study the Americas as a region with continuities and discontinuities. I conclude by proposing the concept of racialized ethnicity to study similar experiences of racialization in the region.


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