Honoring PLACE and Creating Space for Mentorship and Community-Building in the International and Intercultural Communication Division

Sponsor: International and Intercultural Communication Division
Sat, 11/19: 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM CST
Room: Mardi Gras Ballroom Salon E - 3rd Floor 
This interactive session aims to facilitate connections, encourage community-building, and promote mentoring for members of NCA's International and Intercultural Communication Division (IICD). Inspired by generative discussions and members' recommendations during IICD's 2021 Business Meeting in Seattle, as well as the 2022 NCA convention theme of Honoring PLACE: People, Liberation, Advocacy, Community, and Environment, this session brings together members at all levels (including graduate students, post docs, independent scholars, faculty, senior scholars, and administrators) to engage in a series of mentorship conversations at round tables on topics like publishing, grantmaking, teaching, leadership, community engagement, navigating the academic job market, and career advancement.

We conceptualize mentorship as a critical and unique relationship that aims to address members' professional growth and needs, such as sharing strategies for achieving specific goals, sparking productive collaborations, exchanging social support, and overcoming obstacles. Partnering with mentors will allow session participants to benefit from the wisdom, experience, and networks of each other. In doing so, this session creates space for attendees to expand their professional networks, exchange ideas and advice, and spark new mentorships. All are welcome to attend.


Lisa K. Hanasono, Bowling Green State University  - Contact Me
Fatima Zahrae Chrifi Alaoui, San Francisco State University  - Contact Me


Mary M. Meares, University of Alabama  - Contact Me
Olivia Watson, University of Missouri-Columbia  - Contact Me
Louisa Ha, Bowling Green State University  - Contact Me
Rayna Batool, Ohio University  - Contact Me
Amy Aldridge Sanford, Middle Tennessee State University  - Contact Me
Stefanie Zoe Demetriades, DePaul University  - Contact Me
Brooke Hildebrand Clubbs, Southeast Missouri State University  - Contact Me
Qingwen Dong, University of the Pacific  - Contact Me
Anita Silwal, University of Kentucky  - Contact Me
Chin-Chung Chao, University of Nebraska-Omaha  - Contact Me
Megan E. Cardwell, Villanova University  - Contact Me
Chad M. Nelson, Florida Gulf Coast University  - Contact Me
Kirara Nagatsuka, Texas State University  - Contact Me
Clover M. Baker-Brown, Prince George's Community College  - Contact Me
Jennifer Potter, Towson University  - Contact Me
Ramune Braziunaite, Cleveland State University  - Contact Me
Debipreeta Rahut, Bowling Green State University  - Contact Me
Austin Williams Miller, University of New Mexico  - Contact Me
Deborah A. Cai, Temple University  - Contact Me
Amonia Tolofari, Bowling Green State University  - Contact Me
Angela L. Putman, Penn State University, Brandywine  - Contact Me
Sumana Chattopadhyay, Marquette University  - Contact Me
Bisola Mariam, University of Alabama  - Contact Me
Mick B. Brewer, Lincoln University  - Contact Me
Ishani Mukherjee, University of Illinois, Chicago  - Contact Me
Yusaku Yajima, University of Louisiana Monroe  - Contact Me
Cheryl L. Nicholas, Penn State University, Berks  - Contact Me
Doris Acheme, University of Oklahoma  - Contact Me
Evgeniya Pyatovskaya, University of South Florida  - Contact Me
David C. Oh, Ramapo College  - Contact Me
Nina Gjoci, Howard University  - Contact Me
Eric Karikari, Towson University  - Contact Me
Bala A. Musa, Azusa Pacific University  - Contact Me
Keisuke Kimura, Colorado State University  - Contact Me
Ariel E. Seay-Howard, Wayne State University  - Contact Me
Sophie Suzanne Wittmann Downing, Ohio University  - Contact Me
Peggy M. Rupprecht, Creighton University  - Contact Me
Eletra Gilchrist-Petty, University of Alabama, Huntsville  - Contact Me
Molly Han, University of Kansas  - Contact Me
Duy Pham, Michigan State University  - Contact Me
Kristen A. Chamberlain, Augsburg University  - Contact Me
Kate Siegfried, Mercer University  - Contact Me
Jennifer Sandoval, University of Central Florida  - Contact Me
Amy Jo Ellefson, University of Southern Mississippi  - Contact Me
Aimee Kimiko McAffee, University of Nevada, Las Vegas  - Contact Me
Y. Connie Yuan, Cornell University  - Contact Me
Kallia O. Wright, University of Miami  - Contact Me
Alejandra Durán Trinidad, Purdue University  - Contact Me
Jacqueline Yu, University of California, Berkeley  - Contact Me
Regina Ogechi Alabere, University of Memphis  - Contact Me
Minkyung Kim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  - Contact Me
Hailey Gillen Hoke, Weber State University  - Contact Me
Laura Labato, University of Connecticut  - Contact Me
Melanie Morgan, Purdue University  - Contact Me
Miriam S. Sobre, University of Texas, San Antonio  - Contact Me
Brandi Lawless, University of San Francisco  - Contact Me
Sudeshna Roy, Stephen F. Austin State University  - Contact Me
Joanna G. Burchfield, University of South Florida  - Contact Me
Christina Maria van Essen, Arizona State University  - Contact Me
Sakina Jangbar, St. John's University  - Contact Me
Anuraj Dhillon, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo  - Contact Me
Linsay M. Cramer, Coastal Carolina University  - Contact Me
Yumin Yan, University of Maryland  - Contact Me
Terrie Siang-Ting Wong, Penn State University, Brandywine  - Contact Me
Puvana Ganesan, Mesa Community College  - Contact Me
Kent A. Ono, University of Utah  - Contact Me
Amanda J. Walsh, University of Southern Mississippi  - Contact Me
Julia Terhune, Independent Scholar  - Contact Me
Eddah Mbula Mutua, St. Cloud State University  - Contact Me
Alice Fanari, University of Arizona  - Contact Me
Anjuliet G. Woodruffe, University of Cincinnati  - Contact Me
Chrys Egan, Salisbury University  - Contact Me
Chen Yang, Robert Morris University  - Contact Me
Kelly M. O'Donnell, University of Pittsburgh  - Contact Me
Carolina Bown, Salisbury University  - Contact Me
Shannon DeBord, Austin Community College  - Contact Me
Ako Inuzuka, University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown  - Contact Me
Mian Jia, University of Texas, Austin  - Contact Me
Cassidy D. Ellis, University of New Mexico  - Contact Me
Kaitlin Phillips, Utah State University  - Contact Me
Jesse C. Starkey, Texas Tech University  - Contact Me
Evene S. Estwick, Wilkes University  - Contact Me
Maria Shpeer, University of Oklahoma  - Contact Me
Colby Y. Miyose, University of Hawaii, Hilo  - Contact Me
Laura Fricke, Mesa Community College  - Contact Me
James Pokrywczynski, Marquette University  - Contact Me
Eduardo Gonzalez, University of Southern California  - Contact Me
Seonah Kim, University of Washington, Seattle  - Contact Me
Diana Trebing, Saginaw Valley State University  - Contact Me
Megu Itoh, University of Maryland  - Contact Me
Jiyeon Kang, University of Iowa  - Contact Me
Angela Labador, Arizona State University  - Contact Me
Pamela J. Kalbfleisch, University of North Dakota  - Contact Me
Emi Kanemoto, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale  - Contact Me
Marissa Joanna Doshi, Hope College  - Contact Me
Delaney Catalina Couri, Texas A&M University  - Contact Me
Benjamin J. Broome, Arizona State University  - Contact Me
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Syracuse University  - Contact Me
Wei Sun, Howard University  - Contact Me
Sheyla Finkelshteyn  - Contact Me
Shuzhen Huang, Bloomsburg University  - Contact Me
Shinsuke Eguchi, University of New Mexico  - Contact Me
Yea-Wen Chen, San Diego State University  - Contact Me
Nurhayat H. Bilge, Fashion Institute of Tech, SUNY  - Contact Me
Eun-Jeong Han, Salisbury University  - Contact Me
Brad L. Crownover, College of Mount Saint Vincent  - Contact Me
Yuxiang Du, Fort Hays State University  - Contact Me
Raisa Fernanda Alvarado, California State University San Bernardino  - Contact Me
Thanh Nga Nguyen, University of Alaska, Fairbanks  - Contact Me
Yuan Zhao, University of Miami  - Contact Me
Seif Sekalala  - Contact Me
Grace Oforiwa Sikapokoo, Ohio University  - Contact Me
Huai-yu Chen, University of Kentucky  - Contact Me
Kujang Sam Laki, Ohio University  - Contact Me
Richie Neil Hao, Antelope Valley College  - Contact Me
Maggie Griffith Williams, Northeastern University  - Contact Me
Michael Ofori, Bowling Green State University  - Contact Me
Jenny Korn, Harvard University  - Contact Me
Mariam Betlemidze, California State University San Bernardino  - Contact Me
Noura Ahmad Hajjaj, State University of New York, New Paltz  - Contact Me
Meng Li, Loyola Marymount University  - Contact Me
Doris E. Wesley, North Carolina State University  - Contact Me
Pascale Sztum, Independent Scholar  - Contact Me
Iman Ikram, Ohio University  - Contact Me
Michelle Scollo, College of Mount Saint Vincent  - Contact Me
Anjana Mudambi, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  - Contact Me
Sarah Gonzalez Noveiri, University of Denver  - Contact Me
Bernadette Marie Calafell, Gonzaga University  - Contact Me
Bonita Dostal Neff, Valparaiso University  - Contact Me
Greg Hummel, State University of New York, Oneonta  - Contact Me
Jing Jiang, Hunan University  - Contact Me
Charles W. Choi, Pepperdine University  - Contact Me
Dana S. Trunnell, Prairie State College  - Contact Me
Fran Hassencahl, Old Dominion University  - Contact Me
Catalina Cayetano, Arizona State University  - Contact Me
Roberto Avant-Mier, University of Texas, El Paso  - Contact Me
Yixuan Liu, University of Texas at Austin  - Contact Me
Sara Kim, University of Louisiana Monroe  - Contact Me


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