How to Get Published and Navigating the NCA Journals – Part II

Sponsor: NCA Publications Council
Thu, 11/17: 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM CST
Room: Mardi Gras Ballroom Salon E - 3rd Floor 
In the second half of this two-part session, audience members will have the opportunity to engage with NCA journal editors to understand the focus of various journals and strategies for publishing within NCA journals. Breakout time will allow audience members to meet with specific editors about their research and how they might navigate the journal publication process. All are welcome to attend this panel discussion, whether new or experienced authors.


Devika Chawla, Ohio University  - Contact Me


Marjorie Lightman, National Communication Association  - Contact Me


Joseph Mazer, University of Tennessee  - Contact Me
Robin M. Boylorn, University of Alabama  - Contact Me
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Syracuse University  - Contact Me
Brandi Lawless, University of San Francisco  - Contact Me
Rachel Alicia Griffin, University of Utah  - Contact Me
Kimberly R. Moffitt, University of Maryland, Baltimore County  - Contact Me
Billie Murray, Villanova University  - Contact Me
Mohan J. Dutta, Massey University  - Contact Me
Bernadette Marie Calafell, Gonzaga University  - Contact Me
Stacey Sowards, University of Texas, Austin  - Contact Me
Stephen Michael Croucher, Massey University  - Contact Me
Jake Simmons, Missouri State University  - Contact Me
Armond R. Towns, Carleton University  - Contact Me
Charles Kyle Rudick, University of Northern Iowa  - Contact Me
Heather Zoller, University of Cincinnati  - Contact Me
Mahuya Pal, University of South Florida  - Contact Me


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