“More than ‘Magic’”: Exploring Black Women's Representation, Resilience, and PLACE in Leadership Activism

Sponsor: Black Caucus
Thu, 11/17: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM CST
Room: Grand Couteau - 5th Floor 
The purpose of this panel is to examine Black women scholars' and administrators' lived experiences and resilience, while addressing the politics of representation and the social institutions organized around racial and gendered solidarity for survival at Higher Ed institutions. This panels seeks to highlight how underrepresented scholars around the world in the field of communication experience the concept of "oneness" and "place" while simultaneously promoting visibility of minoritized positions.


Rockell A. Brown, Newhouse School of Public Communication  - Contact Me


Dara Byrne, John Jay College of Criminal Justice  - Contact Me
Kandace Harris, California State University Northridge  - Contact Me
Nikita Y. Harris, University of Alabama  - Contact Me
Jade C. Huell, California State University Northridge  - Contact Me


Sharnine Herbert, Shippensburg University  - Contact Me


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