Honoring African Epistemologies in Communication Studies

Sponsor: Black Caucus
Sun, 11/20: 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM CST
Room: Gallier AB - 4th Floor 
This roundtable discussion will examine the decolonial potential of honoring African epistemologies in Communication Studies. As illustrated by the two themed issues in the Review of Communication, "(Re)Theorizing Communication Studies from African Perspectives," African forms of theorizing and philosophical approaches hold a unique position in the work of decolonializing communication studies. The essays in the themed issues centered African perspectives, values, beliefs, experiences and philosophical thought as the grounds for retheorizing communication studies and the cultural dynamics shaping "Africanness" in the continent and in the context of the diaspora. Given the ongoing scholarly conversations on the importance of re-centering non-western perspectives and decentering whiteness, it is very relevant to honor and elevate epistemologies that have been made peripheral by whiteness and U.S exceptionalism. The scholars in this panel seek to shed light on what it means to "honor" epistemologies from the Global South (and Africa in particular) by taking the arguments from the themed issue as an exemplar and a starting point for further conversation on decolonizing communication studies from African perspectives.


Godfried Agyeman Asante, San Diego State University  - Contact Me


Jenna N. Hanchey, Arizona State University  - Contact Me
Benjamin P. Tetteh, Syracuse University  - Contact Me
Divine Narkotey Aboagye, University of Maryland  - Contact Me
Fatima Zahrae Chrifi Alaoui, San Francisco State University  - Contact Me
O.M. Olaniyan  - Contact Me
Gloria Pindi Nziba, California State University San Marcos  - Contact Me
Eric Karikari, Towson University  - Contact Me
Nana Kwame Osei Fordjour, University of New Mexico  - Contact Me
Joelle Marie Cruz, University of Colorado, Boulder  - Contact Me


Kundai Chirindo, Lewis & Clark College  - Contact Me


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