NCA Opening Session: From Lee to Jackson: Dismantling Structures of Oppression in New Orleans

Sponsor: NCA National Office
Thu, 11/17: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM CST
Room: Grand Ballroom C - 5th Floor 
This program, sponsored by the Waterhouse Family Institute for the Study of Communication and Society, examines the work of dismantling communication that oppresses others. Panelists will explore the work being done in local communities to remove physical representations of hate, such as advocacy work focused on the removal of confederate monuments in New Orleans. This panel includes both scholars and scholar-activists whose work is grounded in critical inquiry and social justice.


Natonya Listach, Middle Tennessee State University  - Contact Me


Roseann M. Mandziuk, Texas State University  - Contact Me
James David Maxson, Savannah College of Art and Design  - Contact Me
Bryan J. McCann, Louisiana State University  - Contact Me
David W. Robinson-Morris, The REImaginelution, LLC  - Contact Me


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