Mitigating Harm: To PLACE PR Ethics at the Center of AI and IoT Strategy

Sponsor: Public Relations Division
Sun, 11/20: 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM CST
Room: Preservation Hall Studio 6 - 2nd Floor 
As stewards of the public relations profession, practitioners are expected to serve as the "corporate conscience" of their organizations (Working, 2013). The advancements in social media and the transformation of the industry have introduced a bevy of new issues for practitioners. Navigating the ethical challenges presented by misinformation, disclosure, and transparency in virtual environments can be a struggle for even the most seasoned practitioners. One of the most pressing issues facing public relations practitioners today centers around artificial intelligence (AI) predictive analytics, and the ethical implications of technology.

As PR professionals, we must acquire a broad understanding of the technologies shaping our industry and acknowledge the need to address the ethical ramifications inherent in embracing tools that mirror human flaws.

This interactive session focuses on ways practitioners utilize AI and predictive analytics, best practices in analysis and data-driven public relations, and resources available for educators to address changes in the marketplace.


Alisa Agozzino, Ohio Northern University  - Contact Me


Jamie A. Ward, Eastern Michigan University  - Contact Me
Regina Luttrell, Syracuse University  - Contact Me
Adrienne Wallace, Grand Valley State University  - Contact Me
Elizabeth B. Marquis, University of Michigan  - Contact Me


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