Honoring PLACE: Digital Activism through Communications

Sponsor: Activism and Social Justice Division
Thu, 11/17: 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM CST
Room: Maurepas - 3rd Floor 
From the Suffrage Movement to modern-day feminism, from Abolitionists to the Civil Rights, Black Lives Matter, and #MeToo movements, the role of communicators has been vital to activist work and social change for centuries. Today's movements rely upon the speed and connectivity of social media because through participatory media groups of people mobilize quickly, resulting in impactful action and messages that reverberate throughout the social sphere. This social connectivity and advocacy work resonates with Gen-Z learners. As social activism and engagement among youth continues to rise, within the classroom communication educators have an opportunity to teach tomorrow's communications practitioners to use their agency as creators and consumers to explore issues of identity, diversity, justice, and action through digital activism.

The social and political tensions stemming from the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections to the widely-debated 2020 Presidential race have renewed interest in activism among college students across the country. As non-profits and activist groups work to create messaging campaigns designed to push progressive causes in the United States, the need for strategic communicators has arguably never been greater.

A fundamental aspect of social change is the key role communicators play in the mobilization of people. The power found within today's communication classroom and through today's activist movements relies on strategic campaigns that include both public relations and social media.

Both the centrality of place, and each aspect that makes up the acronym PLACE, speak to what our discipline must honor if we hope to broaden our practices beyond the White, ableist, heterosexist, U.S.-centric, cis-gendered, male-dominated, and colonial history upon which our nation and discipline were built.


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