Honoring Community: Advocating for Liberation Through Community-Centered Scholarship

Sponsor: NCA First Vice President
Sat, 11/19: 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM CST
Room: Preservation Hall Studio 2 - 2nd Floor 
This panel highlights some of the exceptional, and diverse, ways that scholars in our discipline are impacting community - and being impacted by communities - through their collaborative, community-centered scholarship. Specifically, Wendorf Muhammad will speak for need to shift the approach to community-centered work from empowerment to self-power, Harrison will discuss hyperlocal approaches to climate adaptation in South Florida, Stevens will address integrating community-engaged and computational methods to study adolescent health online, Ramasubramanian will describe her trauma-informed equity-minded asset-based model (TEAM) for community-centered research, and Magsamen-Conrad will discuss supporting K-5 online learning during the pandemic through Technology Adoption Communication, across research, teaching, and service activities. In addition to briefly summarizing a particular project, panelists will briefly discuss both the hardships and joys of the work.


Monica Cornejo, University of California, Santa Barbara  - Contact Me


Jessica Wendorf Muhamad, Florida State University  - Contact Me
Tyler R. Harrison, University of Miami  - Contact Me
Robin Stevens, University of Southern California  - Contact Me
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Syracuse University  - Contact Me
Kate Magsamen Conrad, University of Iowa  - Contact Me


Emphasizing Community
NCA First Vice President