NCA Scholars' Office Hours

Sponsor: Scholars' Office Hours
Fri, 11/18: 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM CST
Room: Grand Ballroom D/E - 5th Floor 
The purpose of this regularly scheduled program is to provide seasoned scholars, junior scholars, and graduate student "scholars in training" the opportunity to network and connect with each other in a highly interactive and more informal atmosphere. Invited scholars and program attendees have the unique opportunity to sit together and engage in in-person conversation and to consider questions about research, the discipline, graduate programs, and to share advice on projects, on institutional issues, issues in higher education, etc. Ideally, invaluable insights and useful mentorship result from these conversations.


Bernadette Marie Calafell, Gonzaga University  - Contact Me


Shinsuke Eguchi, University of New Mexico  - Contact Me


Joshua Gunn, University of Texas, Austin  - Contact Me
Tina M. Harris, Louisiana State University  - Contact Me
Thomas K. Nakayama, Northeastern University  - Contact Me
Sarah Amira De la Garza, Arizona State University  - Contact Me
Kendall R. Phillips, Syracuse University  - Contact Me
LeiLani Nishime, University of Washington, Seattle  - Contact Me
Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock, University of North Carolina, Wilmington  - Contact Me
Jeffrey Bennett, Vanderbilt University  - Contact Me
David C. Oh, Ramapo College  - Contact Me
Lisa A. Flores, University of Colorado, Boulder  - Contact Me
Bryan J. McCann, Louisiana State University  - Contact Me
Sandra Lea Faulkner, Bowling Green State University  - Contact Me
Amber Lauren Johnson, Saint Louis University  - Contact Me
Rachel Alicia Griffin, University of Utah  - Contact Me
Kimberly R. Moffitt, University of Maryland, Baltimore County  - Contact Me
Jody Koenig Kellas, University of Nebraska-Lincoln  - Contact Me
Iccha Basnyat, George Mason University  - Contact Me
Dawn O. Braithwaite, University of Nebraska-Lincoln  - Contact Me
Ronald L. Jackson, University of Cincinnati  - Contact Me
Sarah Jane Tracy, Arizona State University  - Contact Me
Aisha Durham, University of South Florida  - Contact Me
Walid Afifi, University of California, Santa Barbara  - Contact Me
Kristina M. Scharp, Rutgers University  - Contact Me
Haneen Ghabra, Kuwait University  - Contact Me
Stacey Sowards, University of Texas, Austin  - Contact Me
Christina G. Yoshimura, University of Montana  - Contact Me
Shaunak Sastry, University of Cincinnati  - Contact Me
Amanda Martinez, Davidson College  - Contact Me
Sara Hayden, University of Montana  - Contact Me
Victoria J. Gallagher, North Carolina State University  - Contact Me
Mia Fischer, University of Colorado, Denver  - Contact Me
Aimme Carrillo Rowe, California State University Northridge  - Contact Me
Rona T. Halualani, San Jose State University  - Contact Me
Rahul Mitra, Wayne State University  - Contact Me
Gust A. Yep, San Francisco State University  - Contact Me
Ahmet Atay, College of Wooster  - Contact Me
Fatima Zahrae Chrifi Alaoui, San Francisco State University  - Contact Me
Robin M. Boylorn, University of Alabama  - Contact Me
Gloria Pindi Nziba, California State University San Marcos  - Contact Me
Jordan Soliz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln  - Contact Me
Mohan J. Dutta, Massey University  - Contact Me
Charles E. Morris III, Syracuse University  - Contact Me
Lisa Calvente, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  - Contact Me
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Syracuse University  - Contact Me
Tamara D. Afifi, University of California, Santa Barbara  - Contact Me
Casey Ryan Kelly, University of Nebraska-Lincoln  - Contact Me
Andre E. Johnson, University of Memphis  - Contact Me
Armond R. Towns, Carleton University  - Contact Me
Yea-Wen Chen, San Diego State University  - Contact Me
Paul Schrodt, Texas Christian University  - Contact Me
Dana L. Cloud, California State University Fullerton  - Contact Me
Marnel Niles Goins, Marymount University  - Contact Me
Leanne Knobloch, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  - Contact Me
Myra S. Washington, University of Utah  - Contact Me
Kent A. Ono, University of Utah  - Contact Me
Devika Chawla, Ohio University  - Contact Me
Marina Levina, University of Memphis  - Contact Me
Manoucheka Celeste, University of Illinois at Chicago  - Contact Me
E. Patrick Johnson, Northwestern University  - Contact Me


Scholars' Office Hours