The Accessible Panel Project: Exploring and Practicing Possibilities

Sponsor: NCA First Vice President
Thu, 11/17: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM CST
Room: Grand Ballroom C - 5th Floor 
This session will be live streamed and recorded for viewing after the convention until December 31, 2022.

Live captioning is available for this session:

The panel involves four common modalities of presentation: an academic paper presented with visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint), a video showcasing accessible presentation of visual media, a performance integrating different modes of presentation (including narrative description, ASL, and a transcript), and a discussion that will involve speakers employing different techniques to converse with each other. We utilize these accessible convention presentation techniques to present research and critical analysis of best practices and future developments in access.


James L. Cherney, University of Nevada, Reno  - Contact Me


Jessica Sage Rauchberg, McMaster University  - Contact Me
Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock, University of North Carolina, Wilmington  - Contact Me
Emily Krebs, University of Utah  - Contact Me


Asian/Pacific American Caucus
Disability Issues Caucus
Emphasizing Place
La Raza Caucus
NCA First Vice President
Women's Caucus


Envisioning Anti-Ableist Knowledge Production: An Accessible Paper

This node of the panel interrupts ableist, racist, classist, colonial, and xenophobic writing and presentation styles that structure and situate conferencing spaces. Together, we ask how disability justice-informed approaches to writing and presentation amplify community knowledges and practices. 


Jessica Sage Rauchberg, McMaster University  - Contact Me


Satarupa Dasgupta, Ramapo College of New Jersey  - Contact Me
Howard Rodriguez Mori, Texas Tech University  - Contact Me

Excerpts of Seizing: An Accessible Performance of Living with Seizures

This ensemble performance will move through short excerpts of narrative interviews of people who live with seizures. This will allow us to grapple with the needs and expressions of our bodies in daily performance. 


Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock, University of North Carolina, Wilmington  - Contact Me


Michelle T. Violanti, University of Tennessee  - Contact Me
Marty Heath, University of Illinois, Chicago  - Contact Me
Stephanie Grey, Louisiana State University  - Contact Me

Remote Access and Accessibility: An Accessible Video

This presentation highlights the utility of video presentations at NCA. We demonstrate: 1) who benefits from this format, 2) what infrastructure is needed to support video engagement, and 3) what can be done to make video content accessible. 


Emily Krebs, University of Utah  - Contact Me


Naomi Levine, Purdue University  - Contact Me
Kristen Tollan, York University  - Contact Me

Types of Access: An Accessible Discussion

The discussion brings together people from different backgrounds to converse about the various forms of access that will benefit scholars including those who are disabled, have limited financial resources for travel, and/or live in other countries 


James L. Cherney, University of Nevada, Reno  - Contact Me


Alexis Zoe Johnson, Arkansas Tech University  - Contact Me
Amin Makkawy, California State University Fresno  - Contact Me
Stacy Nowak, Gallaudet University  - Contact Me
Julie M. Thompson, Metropolitan State University  - Contact Me