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Emphasizing Series

As I imagine the NCA 108th Annual Convention, I envision one that is chock-full of conversations centered around the convention theme (Honoring PLACE: People, Liberation, Advocacy, Community, and Environment), along with the wide range of other scholarly, pedagogical, and social experiences that the convention always provides. In an effort to try to organize and highlight theme-related events and sessions, NCA Program Planners have identified sessions within their slates to create the Emphasizing Series:
  • Emphasizing Place: Sessions that are centered on exploring the importance of geographic place and space (e.g., the physical, historical, social, etc. realities of a physical place or space as a central site of analysis necessary to understand the subject of interest).
  • Emphasizing People: Sessions that center indigenous experiences, methods, etc.
  • Emphasizing Liberation: Sessions that center actively anti-racist scholarship and/or take an actively liberatory or decolonial approach.
  • Emphasizing Advocacy: Sessions that center activism and/or center scholarship that advocates for change, contributes to individuals’ or communities’ ability to self-advocate, or speaks to the literature on agency toward change, among other forms of advocacy.
  • Emphasizing Community: Sessions that focus entirely on community-centered or publicly engaged scholarship, or that center community in essential  ways.
  • Emphasizing Environment: Sessions that center environmental justice, environmental or climate change, and/or related scholarly analyses.
To view sessions in each series, select the appropriate Emphasizing co-sponsor from the drop-down menu in the online program.
the NCA program search with the sponsor/co-sponsor drop down menu selected and "emphasizing advocacy" selected
--Walid Afifi, NCA First Vice President, University of California, Santa Barbara