Peace and Conflict Communication Division

Submission Deadline Dates:  Mon, 1/11 2021 12:00 AM EST - Thu, 4/1 2021 3:00 AM EST

Peace and Conflict Communication Division

Call for Submissions

NCA 2021: “Renewal and Transformation”

Seattle, Washington, USA

General Information

The Peace and Conflict Communication Division (PCCD) is excited to accept your submissions for the National Communication Association Conference 2021.

The purpose of the Peace and Conflict Communication Division is to promote teaching, research, and practice by communication scholars and professional practitioners toward the understanding, management, and resolution of disputes at all levels: intrapersonal, interpersonal, and intergroup in personal, community, national, and international contexts. Members in this division are concerned with promoting, through scholarship, a greater understanding of how communication may be used for the advancement of peace. Specifically, the Division is interested in, but not limited to, the examination of conflict resolution methods such as mediation, negotiation, and other communicative practices to bring an understanding between conflicting parties with the end goal of peaceful conflict resolution. The Division seeks input from all interested practitioners and scholars within NCA and will consider for scheduling at NCA conventions studies of communication and peace using any methodology (Bruce McKinney, October 2001).

We are seeking (a) individual papers, (b) panel discussions, and (c) paper sessions for competitive review. This year the PCCD, in an effort to support the convention theme, seeks concentrated efforts focused on “renewal and transformation.” Panel discussions, competitive individual papers, and paper sessions dedicated both to the study and practice of peace and conflict and to the theme of "renewal and transformation" are encouraged. PCCD welcomes work from many contexts and areas of peace and conflict: Interpersonal Communication, Group Communication, Mass Communication, and Public Dialogue & Debate. Additional, related areas in the discipline will be considered.

Our division welcomes submissions that contribute to theory-building, research, teaching, and praxis pertaining to processes and practices of conflict and/or peace communication in any context. This includes, but is not limited to interpersonal conflict, educational and organizational settings, community-based matters, national issues facing individual communities, and tangible efforts in international peace and conflict concerns. All scholarly methodological approaches and theoretical orientations are welcome. Submissions may be empirical, theoretical, methodological, exploratory, and/or applied.

PCCD gives preference to work: (1) submitted by PCCD members; (2) that highlights, elaborates, or deepens understanding of praxis (3) that advances existing research on conflict and peace practices; and (4) that brings new awareness to particular conflicts, conflict frameworks, and effective practices.

In alignment with NCA’s theme for the convention, “Renewal and Transformation,” submitters are encouraged to focus on the opportunities for "renewal and transformation" in which PCCD scholars find themselves. This theme is particularly relevant to our division since “renewal and transformation” is at the core of the work we do in peace and conflict scholarship. To borrow from accomplished conflict and peace practitioner, John Paul Lederach, “conflict transformation is more than a set of specific techniques. It is about a way of looking and seeing, transformation is clear in vision because it brings into focus the horizon toward which we journey, namely the building of healthy relationships and communities, both locally and globally. This process requires significant changes in our current ways of relating”.  In comparison, “renewal” might be seen in the words of Gandhi, “each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.”  Where transformation is a process wherein one perspective is irrevocably changed, renewal is a type of return, a process of remembering and reconnecting with parts of self and community that have been lost or forgotten. As peace and conflict scholars, educators, and practitioners we encounter both transformation and renewal as well as the absence of those processes. All submissions are strongly encouraged to demonstrate how they address or speak to the theme of the convention.

Top Papers & Top Student Papers

The PCCD will recognize and honor our top papers and top student papers during our 2021 Convention business meeting.

Submission Information

Three types of submissions will be considered this year: (a) individual papers, (b) panel discussions, and (c) paper sessions. Where appropriate, submissions should be written according to a scholarly style manual. The same submission may not be submitted to more than one division nor should it have been presented previously at another conference. Audio-visual needs should be indicated during the submission process if needed. Please do not send submissions via mail or email. Preference will be awarded to panel discussions and paper sessions representing a variety of institutions/organizations.

Participants should play no more than ONE role in each session: presenter, chair, OR respondent.


1. Individual Papers

Competitive paper submissions will require a title, a 100-150-word abstract, author(s), and keywords. Please indicate whether this is a student paper by checking the appropriate box during the submission process. Uploaded complete papers should be no longer than 25-double-spaced pages (excluding sources).

To ensure blind review, ALL NAMES MUST BE REMOVED from the paper BEFORE it is uploaded. Any paper with names or affiliations of the author(s) in the uploaded file or exceeding the 25-page limit will be removed from the review process. Scholar to Scholar submissions should be clearly identified as well.

2. Panel Discussions

Panel discussion submissions will require the title of the submission, description of the panel/topic to be discussed, how it will be conducted along with the chair and presenters’ names, and a 1-2-page panel rationale that explains the justification for the panel. Please upload the rationale as a supporting file, and type “see attachment” in the corresponding text box when submitting electronically. Preference will be given to proposals featuring participation from different institutions. Finally, please remember that no papers are presented during a panel discussion.

Panel discussion members must represent a variety of institutions/organizations.

3. Paper Sessions

Paper session submissions will include the session title; an overall session description; a rationale for acceptance; and a title, abstract, and author(s) for each paper. These submissions should also include a chair and a respondent. PCCD expects participants to represent different institutions/organizations.

All AV requests must be made at the time of submission.

References / Help

All submissions must be made via NCA Convention Central. Emailed/mailed submissions will not be accepted. For instructions on completing a submission, please refer to the step-by-step “How To Submit” instructions provided in the Convention Resource Library. All submitters are encouraged to review the Professional Standards for Convention Participants prior to submission: 

Helpful resources, including live and recorded step-by-step instructions on how to submit, are available in the Convention Resource Library:

Need Something More?

For questions about the Peace and Conflict Communication Division, please contact the Division Chair:

Sara J. Holmes

Program Coordinator and Lecturer of Communication and Technology

University of North Texas at Dallas