Elementary and Secondary Education Section

Submission Deadline Dates:  Mon, 1/11 2021 12:00 AM EST - Thu, 4/1 2021 3:00 AM EST

Elementary and Secondary Education Section

The Elementary and Secondary Section welcomes membership from all academic levels. We seek to be at the forefront of curricular change and development in the areas of speaking, listening. and media literacy on the elementary and secondary levels. As such, the elementary and secondary teachers in the section work with university and college professors to evaluate the latest trends and ideas that will affect our classroom practice. 


Anna Wright


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 11:59pm Pacific Time

The Elementary and Secondary Education Section invites individual papers, paper sessions, programs or workshops, and panel discussion submissions addressing

  • programs to promote the renewal and transformation of the Elementary and Secondary Education Section
  • what are we learning from online assessment 
  • specific research and topics focusing on activism and social justice in PreK-12 settings 
  • research and pedagogical issues in speaking, listening and/or media literacy focused on pre-K through 12th-grade classrooms.
  • communication-related concerns affecting PreK-12 students within their classrooms, families, and communities
  • what we learned about online learning - one year out - in PreK-12 
  • programs to advocate and promote the 'survival' of PreK-12 communication programs within our school systems and beyond.

If you are currently doing applicable research but do not have papers completed, and there are enough people to address the issues, please consider submitting a panel discussion or a workshop session.  

In order to ease the submission and review processes, please carefully read the following guidelines:


1. Papers and panels must be submitted electronically to NCA Convention Central. 

2. Each submission should be made to one unit only.


Submissions for individual papers can take different forms.

Option 1- Abstracts of works in progress discussing current issues involving PreK-12 education and/or students (Include title, abstract, keywords, author information)

Option 2- Complete papers of no more than 25 pages double-spaced discussing PreK-12 related communication education or student topics. Include title, abstract, keywords, author information in the electronic submission form, and unidentifiable copy of the full paper as an uploaded document.


Submissions for a panel discussion should include:

1. A title for the panel.

2. A chair and all presenters/participants.

3. A panel description (75 words maximum). 

4. A panel rationale (400 words maximum) adequately justifying the significance and theme of the panel as a whole.

5. Panel discussions that address providing resources, ideas, and support to support PreK-12 learners are encouraged.  


Submissions for a paper session should include:

1. A title for the session.

2. A session description.

3. A session chair.

4. Title, description, and author(s) information for each paper on the session.

5. A session rationale (400 words maximum) adequately justifying the significance and theme of the session as a whole.

Of note for panels and sessions: Sessions should include individuals representing multiple institutions rather than individuals from a single or couple of institution(s). Further, a single person should not serve more than one role on a session (i.e., chair, respondent, or presenter). 

Participants are encouraged to keep equipment requests to needed equipment only. Requests for specific equipment must be submitted online and meet the same submission deadline for paper and panel proposals.

The NCA Convention Resource Library (www.natcom.org/conventionresources) has a wealth of additional information about the convention including a guide for submitting using NCA Convention Central, and a description of alternative presentation formats including Scholar to Scholar.

All submitters are encouraged to review the Professional Standards for Convention Participants prior to submission. Helpful resources, including live and recorded step-by-step instructions on how to submit, are available in the Convention Resource Library.

If you have difficulties uploading your submissions or have further questions, please e-mail: anna.wright@ic.edu