Renewal and Transformation Series: Democracy

Sponsor: Renewal and Transformation Series
Thu, 11/18: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Washington State Convention Center 
Room: Ballroom 6B - Sixth Level 
This session will be live streamed, more information is available here:

This panel spotlights a multimedia project on rhetoric, democracy, and white supremacist violence, including a screening of a documentary film "Same as it Ever Was: Democracy, Violence, and White Supremacy" that features conversations with rhetorical scholars with very different areas of expertise on the same objects, texts, and events. Scholar and documentary filmmaker Dr. Angela Aguayo (University of Illinois) and Dr. Casey Ryan Kelly (University of Nebraska) set out to make sense of white supremacist violence of the past year—from the January 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol, the Atlanta Spa shootings, and the police murder of Daunte Wright and George Floyd. In the film, Aguayo and Kelly invite rhetorical critics from different subfields to make sense of the same objects as touchstones that illustrate how rhetoric and communication studies can offer indispensable insights into the sights, sounds, verbal discourse, and embodied experience of racist violence. The project was guided by two assumptions: 1) rhetorical critics with widely differing research agendas can provide useful insights into white supremacist violence; and 2) widely different takes on the same text or event yield more creative and sophisticated meditations of rhetoric and racist violence. The film brings together scholars who study political rhetoric and public address, critical media studies, cultural studies, digital rhetorics, psychoanalysis, visual rhetoric, sound studies, argumentation, body rhetorics, rhetorics of anti-black and anti-Asian racism, nativism, and violence. The film showcases how the scholarship in rhetorical and communication studies can makes sense of racist violence in a nominally "democratic" culture. Screening will be followed by Q&A and conversation with panelists.


Casey Ryan Kelly, University of Nebraska-Lincoln  - Contact Me
Angela Aguayo, University of Illinois  - Contact Me


Eric King Watts, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  - Contact Me
Vincent N. Pham, Willamette University  - Contact Me
Matthew Houdek, Rochester Institute of Technology  - Contact Me
Leslie Hahner, Baylor University  - Contact Me
Heather Woods, Kansas State University  - Contact Me
Jay P. Childers, University of Kansas  - Contact Me
E. Chebrolu, University of Pittsburgh  - Contact Me
Cara A. Finnegan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  - Contact Me
Paul Elliott Johnson, University of Pittsburgh  - Contact Me
Calum Matheson, University of Pittsburgh  - Contact Me
Rachel Presley, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities  - Contact Me
Justin Eckstein, Pacific Lutheran University  - Contact Me
Noor Ghazal Aswad, University of Memphis  - Contact Me
Damien Smith Pfister, University of Maryland  - Contact Me
Ryan Neville-Shepard, University of Arkansas  - Contact Me
Andre E. Johnson, University of Memphis  - Contact Me


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