Renewal and Transformation Series: Discipline

Sponsor: Renewal and Transformation Series
Fri, 11/19: 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM
Washington State Convention Center 
Room: Ballroom 6B - Sixth Level 
This session will be live streamed, more information is available here:

Does communication research make a difference? In this spotlight session, six communication scholars who do applied, engaged, practical, and/or activist research make impassioned arguments about the utility of communication as a discipline.

Is our research useful? Does our theorizing make significant contributions to individuals, communities, systems, or worlds? Who can use our research, and how? And, perhaps most importantly, what meaningful transformations must happen in/with/to our discipline and its research to allow greater impact? These questions and more are answered as each panelist provides an energizing, discussion-provoking 7-minute talk about communication's utility. These talks are followed by a brief response and plenty of time for questions from the audience. Audience members will also learn how they can join in on a forthcoming journal forum that continues the conversation started in this session.


Jimmie Manning, University of Nevada, Reno  - Contact Me


Amy Aldridge Sanford, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi  - Contact Me
Godfried Agyeman Asante, Drake University  - Contact Me
Marissa Joanna Doshi, Hope College  - Contact Me
Lisa K. Hanasono, Bowling Green State University  - Contact Me
Lydia Huerta, University of Nevada, Reno  - Contact Me
Marianne LeGreco, University of North Carolina, Greensboro  - Contact Me
Darius Lana, University of Central Florida  - Contact Me


Laura L. Ellingson, Santa Clara University  - Contact Me


Renewal and Transformation Series