The Urgent (and enduring) Problem of Anti-Asian Racism: Perspectives from Across the Discipline of Communication

Sponsor: NCA First Vice President
Fri, 11/19: 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Washington State Convention Center 
Room: Ballroom 6B - Sixth Level 
This session will be live streamed, more information is available here:

Anti-Asian racism has long been woven into the social fabric in the United States (and North America more broadly), significantly predating its recent manifestations in the wake of COVID-19. Since the onset of the pandemic, hate crimes, racial assaults and reports of discriminatory behavior towards people of Asian descent have increased significantly, and anti-Asian prejudice has become an increasingly acceptable sentiment in the US body politic. In this panel, we demonstrate why it is erroneous and dangerous for Communication scholarship to attribute anti-Asian racism squarely to the generalized Sinophobia in the US today. The panelists, representing various sub-fields of the discipline, offer scholarly and experiential insights into the complexities of anti-Asian racism in the United States and beyond. Through a moderated panel discussion, we hope to offer anchors through which to understand, study, and mobilize against anti-Asian racism through interpersonal, organizational, critical, legal, historical, and global approaches to the study of Communication.


Shaunak Sastry, University of Cincinnati  - Contact Me


Zhuo Ban, University of Cincinnati  - Contact Me
Marissa Joanna Doshi, Hope College  - Contact Me
Shinsuke Eguchi, University of New Mexico  - Contact Me
Lisa K. Hanasono, Bowling Green State University  - Contact Me
Ali Na, Queen's University  - Contact Me
Anjali Vats, Boston College  - Contact Me


NCA First Vice President