NCA Presidential Address and Awards Presentation

Sponsor: NCA National Office
Sat, 11/20: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Washington State Convention Center 
Room: Ballroom 6B - Sixth Level 
This session will be live streamed, more information is available here:

NCA President David T. McMahan, Missouri Western State University, will present his Presidential Address followed by the presentation of the NCA Awards.

Thank you to Routledge, Taylor & Francis for their sponsorship of this session.


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NCA National Office


Assessing and Advancing the Discipline

Emerging from one of the most tumultuous periods ever experienced by the academic world provides an opportune time to assess the state of the discipline and consider its future. Compared with other disciplines, degree completion rates, job reports, graduate student placement, along with other measures indicate a favorable position for the Communication discipline. The discipline's expansiveness, strength of scholarship, and quality of instruction further indicate its significance and its impact on academic and societal realms. At the same time, we must be mindful of areas in need of development and must be prepared to adapt to fluctuating academic environments, if we are to continue advancing the discipline. These areas and issues will be examined along with ways in which they might be addressed through personal efforts and through broader disciplinary endeavors. 


David T. McMahan, Missouri Western State University  - Contact Me