Chaim Chaimke Noy

Bar Ilan University 

My research foci center around media, communication and language and social interaction. I pursue these fields by engaging Ethnography of Communication (EO), and by adopting critical and pragmatic sensibilities and performance approaches to the use and effects of language in the public sphere. In this way I enmesh the study of language-as-communication with the study of media and communicative environments and ecologies. My work examines mediated semiotic and performances of collective identity and participation in cultural rituals in Israel and the United States. My research sites are mostly museum and heritage tourist attractions.

My last book, Thank You for Dying for Our Country: Commemorative Texts and Performances in Jerusalem (2015, Oxford University Press), examines addressivity, indexicality, and multimodality in texts that visitors write in a comment book in a national commemoration site in East Jerusalem. I look into how national identities, belongings, and ideologies are embodied in mediated cultural-communication rituals of ‘ordinary’ people.

In a recent line of articles published in New Media & Society, Written Communication, Discourse & Communication, CSMC, Communication, Culture, & Critique, Discourse, Context & Media, Text & Talk and Narrative Inquiry, I further explore the discourse and rhetoric of mediated participation in heritage sites and history museums. I look at how audiences in and to these sites understand the site and ‘position’ their identities and orientations discursively.

Scheduled Appearances