NCA Presidential Address and Awards Presentation

Sponsor: NCA National Office
Sat, 11/21: 5:00 PM  - 6:30 PM 
Virtual Event 
Room: Zoom Room 35 
NCA President Kent A. Ono, University of Utah, will present his Presidential Address followed by the presentation of the NCA Awards.


Trevor Parry-Giles, National Communication Association  - Contact Me


NCA National Office


Civic Activism and Social Justice: Leading NCA As/Through Change

Being NCA's President is both a tremendous honor, as well as a serious obligation. It is an honor, because members entrust a President with the power to lead by way of a unique role. It is an obligation, because, as a person of color, one strives to do their best for all members, as well as to honor the legacy of other NCA members of color who struggled historically and struggle contemporarily to make it a better Association. This talk will address the need for "civic activism," activism on behalf of people, as well as leading itself as change, meaning that one's very presence is both a sign of and an active part of change, as well as leading during tremendous and challenging historical circumstances. 


Kent A. Ono, University of Utah  - Contact Me