The “Tweeting” Discourse of Balconies and Porches in the City: Identity Politics, Public Speaking and Social Change

Sponsor: Urban Communication Foundation
Fri, 11/20: 11:00 AM  - 12:15 PM 
Virtual Event 
Room: Zoom Room 26 
This paper explores the political "talk" of urban balconies and porches in American and Israeli cities. Focusing on the use of these architectural features for communication and for expression of identity and stance in the urban public sphere, I examine the practice of hanging political banners and slogans on them and the rhetoric that these entice. Based on a variety of methodological approaches which consider aspects of media, discourse, and spatial architectural practices, this paper brings four analytical aspects to the study of balconies and porches: (1) as technologies of display, as both (2) extensions and representations of residents' personalities, as (3) venues for political stance, and as (4) positioned against one another, maintaining interaction and "dialogue". Contextualized within both the concept of "liminality" and the history of porches and balconies as political venues, I call to reconsider these architectural features as important agencies for identity politics, opposing ideologies, and daily activism toward social change.


Carolin Aronis, University of Colorado, Boulder  - Contact Me