Media Identity Crossroads: How Intersectionality and Multiple Stigmatizing Identities Influence Media Activism

Sponsor: Mass Communication Division
Fri, 11/20: 3:30 PM  - 4:45 PM 
Virtual Event 
Room: Zoom Room 20 
The influence of salient identity intersections on everyday lived experiences is a complex phenomenon warranting greater scrutiny. In this study, we explore key questions such as: What are the best ways to measure intersectionality for media effects research? How does intersectionality shape media use, digital expression, and media activism? What are the multiple stigmatizing experiences that shape media use and activism? An online survey was conducted with participants (N=1080) from three universities to explore the relationships among intersectionality, multiple stigmatizing identities, media use, and media activism.


Srividya Ramasubramanian, Texas A&M University  - Contact Me


Julius Matthew Riles, University of Missouri  - Contact Me
Emily Riewestahl, Texas A&M University  - Contact Me
Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz, University of Missouri  - Contact Me