Media Stereotypes at the Crossroads: From Ageism to Xenophobia

Sponsor: Mass Communication Division
Sat, 11/21: 11:00 AM  - 12:30 PM 
Asynchronous Event  
Room: Asynchronous Session 
When we think about the "pictures in our heads" that media create and perpetuate, what images are we truly referencing? Issues of media stereotypes and representation (both past and present) are crucial to advancing media literacy. This panel will serve as one-stop shopping for those wishing to understand what we know within the composite of stereotyping research in the United States. Utilizing a cast of top American scholars with deep roots in asking stereotype-based questions, the panel discussion will shed valuable insight for those wishing to understand what we know about past and present media representations as well as those wishing to take the baton and continue to advance media stereotyping research in the future. More specifically, the panel will cover stereotypes about gender, class, immigrants, mental illness, and leading theories and methods used in this subfield.


Andrew C. Billings, University of Alabama  - Contact Me


Jennifer S. Aubrey, University of Arizona  - Contact Me
Sharon Baldinelli, University of Alabama  - Contact Me
Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz, University of Missouri  - Contact Me
Rhonda Gibson, Department of Communication  - Contact Me
Jen Hoewe, Purdue University  - Contact Me
Rebecca Ann Lind, University of Illinois, Chicago  - Contact Me
Dana Mastro, University of California, Santa Barbara  - Contact Me
Leigh Moscowitz, College of Charleston  - Contact Me
Scott Parrott, University of Alabama  - Contact Me
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Texas A&M University  - Contact Me


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