Team Communication Research in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Sponsor: Organizational Communication Division
Fri, 11/20: 3:30 PM  - 4:45 PM 
Virtual Event 
Room: Zoom Room 17 
Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has accelerated at a rapid pace in recent years, presenting novel opportunities and challenges to the study of team communication. In this panel, we bring together experts who use AI in many different aspects of their team communication research, including: AI-supported data collection and analysis, behavioral modeling and prediction in teams, agent-based modeling of teams, and hybrid human-agent teams. This panel will feature short individual presentations about leading edge AI-team research, followed by discussion of critical issues in this domain including data security, ethics, privacy, and student training. Together, we aim to outline an agenda for future work where AI is thoughtfully integrated into team communication research.


Brooke Foucault Welles, Northeastern University  - Contact Me


Javier Omar Garcia, US CCDC Army Research Laboratory  - Contact Me
Nina Lauharatanahirun, University of Pennsylvania and US CCDC Army Research Laboratory  - Contact Me
Marshall Scott Poole, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  - Contact Me
Andrew Gambino, Penn State University  - Contact Me
Christoph Riedl, Northeastern University  - Contact Me
Noshir S. Contractor, Northwestern University  - Contact Me
Leslie DeChurch, Northwestern University  - Contact Me


Organizational Communication Division