Scholars at the Crossroads: Mentoring, Networking, and Building Community as Asian/Pacific American Scholars

Sponsor: Asian/Pacific American Communication Studies Division
Fri, 11/20: 9:30 AM  - 10:45 AM 
Virtual Event 
Room: Zoom Room 10 
In this panel, we will participate in thematic groups to facilitate meaningful connection around areas of interest. We will then engage in developing creative practices to address issues of crucial decision making through mentoring groups. Working in different formations, we will seek to provide tangible resources to scholars at the crossroads. The discussion will be centered around teaching, research, service, and "life in the academy" among other topics of interest. The panel will be set up to engage scholars across various stages of their careers and from various APA communities.


Ali Na, Queen's University  - Contact Me


Rebecca de Souza, University of Minnesota, Duluth  - Contact Me
Shaunak Sastry, University of Cincinnati  - Contact Me
Richie Neil Hao, Antelope Valley College  - Contact Me
Elizabeth S. Parks, Colorado State University  - Contact Me
Myra S. Washington, University of New Mexico  - Contact Me
Marissa Joanna Doshi, Hope College  - Contact Me


Mike Alvarez, University of New Hampshire  - Contact Me
Noorie Baig, University of New Mexico  - Contact Me
Iccha Basnyat, James Madison University  - Contact Me
Vipulya Chari, University of Wisconsin-Madison  - Contact Me
Andy Kai-chun Chuang, La Guardia Community College  - Contact Me
Julia Rose DeCook, Loyola University  - Contact Me
Anuraj Dhillon, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo  - Contact Me
Zhao Ding, Gustavus Adolphus College  - Contact Me
Shinsuke Eguchi, University of New Mexico  - Contact Me
Yijia Guo, University of Southern California  - Contact Me
Eun-Jeong Han, Salisbury University  - Contact Me
Molly Han, University of Kansas  - Contact Me
Lisa K. Hanasono, Bowling Green State University  - Contact Me
Shuzhen Huang, Bloomsburg University  - Contact Me
Jing Jiang, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  - Contact Me
Emi Kanemoto, State University of New York, Geneseo  - Contact Me
Eunice Kim, University of Utah  - Contact Me
Jenny Korn, Harvard University  - Contact Me
Rebecca B. Leach, Arizona State University  - Contact Me
EunYoung Lee, Central Washington University  - Contact Me
Zhou Li, Southwest Jiaotong University  - Contact Me
LeiLani Nishime, University of Washington, Seattle  - Contact Me
David C. Oh, Ramapo College  - Contact Me
Kikuko Omori, California State University Sacramento  - Contact Me
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Texas A&M University  - Contact Me
Terrie Siang-Ting Wong, Penn State University, Brandywine  - Contact Me
Gust A. Yep, San Francisco State University  - Contact Me
Farrah Youn-Heil, University of Georgia  - Contact Me
Hsin-I Sydney Yueh, Northeastern State University  - Contact Me
Elizabeth S. Parks, Colorado State University  - Contact Me


Asian/Pacific American Caucus
Asian/Pacific American Communication Studies Division