Communication and #____ing While Black or Brown

Sponsor: Communication for Survival Spotlight Series
Fri, 11/15: 12:30 PM  - 1:45 PM 
Room: Holiday Ballroom 6 (Second Floor) 
#CouponCarl #PermitPatty #BBQBecky #CornerstoreCaroline are all hashtags that went viral as a result of hashtag activism, a term often used to describe an act of showing support for a cause on a social media platform. Social media enthusiasts took to these online platforms to communicate important events regarding perceived race, racial incidents or racist actions targeted at black and brown bodies and its direct impact on society in real time. However, while these crafted names become viral hashtags and even comical memes, the material consequences of the actions by such individuals present dire outcomes. Even in instances when law enforcement is involved, we again note the potential harm to black and brown bodies whose names have often become hashtags such as #SandraBland, #FreddieGray, or #TamirRice.

This spotlight panel is not centered on the experiences of hashtag activism, which is a significant form of communication in the millennium, but more so on the role of communication and our discipline as a means of constructing narratives around #___ing while Black or Brown. Panelists represent a wide range of community voices and academic spaces in hopes of enlightening participants on the past, present, and future implications of such communication in our society. Attention will be given to several recent events specific to the greater Baltimore region, while highlighting the local and global realities.


Kimberly R. Moffitt, University of Maryland, Baltimore County  - Contact Me


Melissa Bartels, North Dakota State University  - Contact Me
Catalina Byrd, Political consultant and journalist  - Contact Me
Zeke Cohen, Baltimore City Council  - Contact Me
Richard Elliot, Johns Hopkins University  - Contact Me
Andre E. Johnson, University of Memphis  - Contact Me
David Miller, Author  - Contact Me
Ashley Minner, University of Maryland Baltimore County  - Contact Me
Lester Spence, Johns Hopkins University  - Contact Me
Baynard Woods, Independent Scholar  - Contact Me


Communication for Survival Spotlight Series