Communication and Surviving Environmental Racism

Sponsor: Communication for Survival Spotlight Series
Fri, 11/15: 11:00 AM  - 12:15 PM 
Room: Holiday Ballroom 6 (Second Floor) 
This session spotlights local environmental justice leaders and leading communication scholars to address systemic barriers to related to environmental racism and hopeful stories of survival. We begin with 2016 Goldman Prize Recipient, Destiny Watford, now an organizer of United Workers and Free Your Voice, who will share her story of when she was a high school student and mobilized her community to stop an incinerator. Next, local scholar Prof. Sacoby Wilson will talk about the role of community engagement in his research as the Director of the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health. Leading communication scholars then will share their own research perspectives to address what ideas communication studies brings to advocacy and research about racism and environmental justice, as well as voice and community engagement.


Phaedra C. Pezzullo, University of Colorado, Boulder  - Contact Me


Destiny Watford, United Workers and Free Your Voice  - Contact Me
Armond R. Towns, University of Richmond  - Contact Me
LeiLani Nishime, University of Washington, Seattle  - Contact Me
Rahul Mitra, Wayne State University  - Contact Me
Michael Warren Cook, University of Colorado, Boulder  - Contact Me
Joanne C. Marras Tate, University of Colorado, Boulder  - Contact Me
Myles Mason, University of Colorado, Boulder  - Contact Me
Yessica Del Rincon, University of Colorado, Boulder  - Contact Me


Communication for Survival Spotlight Series