Texts on display: Handwriting and paper from museums to the Tweetersphere

Presented During:  Mediated Political Communication
Sponsor: Human Communication and Technology Division
Thu, 11/8: 12:30 PM  - 1:45 PM 
Salt Palace Convention Center 
Room: 155C (Level 1) 
The study examines displays of handwriting – or handwritten documents –
inquiring into the communicative function of paper as a text-bearing
medium in contemporary multi- and intermedial environments. The study
begins in displays of documents as historical artifacts in museums and,
which authenticate "voices" from the past. It then proceeds outside the
confines of museums to offer a view of displays of handwritten paper
documents on the web, specifically in the Tweetersphere. A few curatorial
strategies of display are identified, as are shifts in visual and material
values that paper-as-medium has come to carry in the digital contexts.
Bringing together media studies and discoursal sensitivities, this study
takes an intermedial view of handwriting and paper documents. It suggests
that, with adaptations, the medium of paper is (yet again) flourishing on
and off the web: it serves as an authentic bearer of voice, as a resource for
performing (showing) rather than telling (representing), and as a
mechanism for indexing human action and agency.


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