Archiving History, Archiving Identity: Visual Culture and the Rhetorical Construction of History, Politics, and Subjects

Sponsor: Visual Communication Division
Fri, 11/17: 12:30 PM  - 1:45 PM 
Room: City View 7 - Fourth Floor 
This panel features a consideration of how visual artifacts and images act as "records" which document a past, and how those (re)presentations are put to work as rhetorical mediations and constructions of the present and future. Panelists are invited to interrogate the notion of a visual culture archive, particularly the extent to which it participates as a primary agent in the construction and authentication of national/state citizenry, socio-economic positions, and/or gender related identities.


Victoria J. Gallagher, North Carolina State University  - Contact Me


Teresa G. Bergman, University of the Pacific  - Contact Me
Cara A. Finnegan, University of Illinois  - Contact Me
Chandra Maldonado, North Carolina State University  - Contact Me
Lester C. Olson, University of Pittsburgh  - Contact Me
Kendall Phillips, Syracuse University  - Contact Me


Visual Communication Division