NCA Presidential Address and Awards Presentation

Sponsor: NCA National Office
Sat, 11/18: 5:00 PM  - 6:30 PM 
Room: Dallas Ballroom B - First Floor (Conference Center) 
NCA President Stephen J. Hartnett, University of Colorado, Denver, will present his Presidential Address followed by the presentation of the NCA Awards.


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NCA National Office


Communication, Globalization, and the Prospects for Solidarity

In his 2017 NCA Presidential Address, Dr. Stephen J. Hartnett will situate the key dilemmas and opportunities of communication in our age of globalization. Arguing that the local is global, and that we are all inescapably interconnected via new media, economic, transportation, and cultural technologies, Hartnett will advocate for a new mode of cosmopolitan solidarity, one that is rooted in an ethic of civic engagement and social justice. Building upon the experiences of NCA's Task Force on Fostering International Collaborations in the Age of Globalization, Hartnett will focus in particular on building pathways of connectivity via international education programs, intercultural research collaborations, and transnational service commitments.  


Stephen J. Hartnett, University of Colorado, Denver  - Contact Me