The Time is Right. The Time is Now: A New Book Series in Social Justice Communication Activism from University of California Press

Sponsor: Activism and Social Justice Division
Fri, 11/17: 8:00 AM  - 9:15 AM 
Room: City View 6 - Fourth Floor 
The series editors and advisory board members will discuss how and why the series in Communication Social Justice Activism was created and describe the types of book projects that are being solicited. Audience members will be invited to discuss their experiences in teaching social justice communication, to ask questions of the panel, to offer ideas for books they would like to see published in the series, and to discuss book projects they are interested in authoring.


Lyn Uhl, University of California Press  - Contact Me


Patricia S. Parker, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  - Contact Me
Lawrence R. Frey, University of Colorado, Boulder  - Contact Me


Mari Castaneda, University of Massachusetts, Amherst  - Contact Me
Kevin M. Carragee, Suffolk University  - Contact Me
Omi Joni Jones, University of Texas, Austin  - Contact Me
Katherine Grace Hendrix, University of Memphis  - Contact Me


Activism and Social Justice Division