Post-racial? Nigga Please! Conversations about Race in the Classroom

Sponsor: Black Caucus
Fri, 11/17: 2:00 PM  - 3:15 PM 
Room: Pearl 2 - Second Floor 
This panel will address anecdotes, successes, challenges, approaches, and failures in managing discussions on race and ethnicity with university students in different institutional settings (HBCU and PWI).


Sharnine Herbert, Shippensburg University  - Contact Me


Felicia Stewart, Morehouse College  - Contact Me
Nadene Vevea, Stevenson University  - Contact Me
Deric Greene, Stevenson University  - Contact Me
Heather Harris, Stevenson University  - Contact Me
Wei Sun, Howard University  - Contact Me
Andrew Jared Critchfield, Columbus State University  - Contact Me
John G.M. Frederick, University of North Carolina at Charlotte  - Contact Me


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