NiMARE: A Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis Research Environment

Taylor Salo Presenter
Florida International University
Miami, FL 
United States
Software Demonstrations 
Meta-analytic databases like BrainMap, Neurosynth, and NeuroVault have become extremely popular tools for a range of analyses, including coordinate- and image-based meta-analysis, region-of-interest definition, meta-analytic coactivation modeling, meta-analytic parcellation, semantic model development, and quantitative functional decoding. Each of these analyses has been approached in a number of ways across the literature, often accompanied with closed-source code, or even no code at all.

NiMARE (Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis Research Environment) is a Python library that implements a range of meta-analytic tools for neuroimaging data. NiMARE is open source, collaboratively developed, and includes citations for all methods so that the original creators will receive credit in any publications using their method. NiMARE is currently in alpha development, although in the past year the package has developed considerably. Here we describe the latest improvements to NiMARE, including documentation, implemented methods, software improvements, and future directions.