Nighres: a python toolbox for high-resolution neuroimaging

Pierre-Louis Bazin Presenter
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Amsterdam, North Holland 
Software Demonstrations 
With the recent advances of ultra-high field MRI into the neuroscientific and clinical domains, high resolution and multi-dimensional MRI data is more common. Yet, moving into sub-millimeter resolutions and handling quantitative contrasts are major challenges for many image analysis toolboxes, initially designed for conventional 1.5T and 3T imaging data. With this new toolbox, we address specifically these issues. The tools gathered in it cover the main steps of structural image processing, from quantitative parameter reconstruction to laminar cortical depth modeling. It focuses not only on the cerebral cortex, but also provides new tools to investigate the subcortex and the cerebellum. The methods in this toolbox scale well with image resolution, and can handle data at 400 ┬Ám routinely.