WikiBS: a public wiki for segmenting high resolution brainstem images

Fran├žois Lechanoine, MD Presenter
Service de Neurochirurgie, CHU de Grenoble
Grenoble, France 
Software Demonstrations 
Brainstem contains a large number of white and gray structures involved in almost all central nervous system functions, some of them being additionally potential targets for deep electrical stimulation in various motor and psychiatric diseases. Its fine anatomical study was for long limited to histological methods but recently became accessible to ultrahigh field (UHF) MRI performed ex vivo at a resolution as high as 50 microns (Makris et al. 2019). Reproducible segmentation of such datasets requires a high degree of anatomical knowledge and a precise definition of segmentation rules. The purpose of this work was to propose a practical tool, WikiBS, helping the user to manually delineate major gray matter structures within the human brainstem.