Professional Learning to Support Gifted and Talented Students

Thu, 1/31: 3:30 PM  - 4:30 PM 
Multi-Presentation Session 
Thursday, January 31, 2019 
Indiana Convention Center 
Room: 212 


Lynette Breedlove, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green

Primary Topic Area - Required

Gifted and Talented


Advocating About the Excellence Gap: Professional Development for School Boards


Decisions about gifted children and their educational opportunities are made at various levels – school and school district. Professional development for school board members informs them of issues, and this session will focus on educating on the Excellence Gap. Information about a video, a module, and other professional learning materials will be shared as well as responses from these school district-level decision-makers after being involved in this training that was supported by the Kentucky School Board Association. 

Session Leader

Julia Roberts, The Center for Gifted Studies/Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green


Tracy Inman, The Center for Gifted Studies/Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green

Case Studies for Professional Learning: Twice-Exceptional Students


How can educators best learn about the twice exceptional? Think about the using the lens of Case Studies for professional learning. This session offers a case studies approach with discussions and questions to examine means of identification and appropriate differentiation for the twice exceptional. 

Session Leader

Cecelia Boswell, Austin Creek Education Systems, De Leon, TX


Wendy Behrens, Minnesota Department of Education, St. Paul
Christine Weber, University of North Florida, Jacksonville

Infusing Gifted Education Modules in Undergradate Teacher Preparation Courses


Findings from a previous research study indicated pre-service teachers held resistant attitudes toward giftedness. Online modules were created in an undergraduate course in early childhood. Students in the course completed an attitudinal survey with respect to their attitudes toward giftedness, participated in an online module within their course, and a post assessment attitudinal survey. Results indicated a change in the attitudes held by the pre-service teachers in the class. Data will be shared and the modules used within the course will be provided 

Session Leader

Debbie Troxclair, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX