Biodiversity Assessment for Non-Biologists: Tools for Completing the STARS Credit

Leah Ceperley Presenter
Sustainability Planning and Evalution Manager
University of Dayton
Wed, 10/21: 2:15 PM  - 3:40 PM 
Simulive Educational Session 
Session EF 


Are you intimidated by the STARS Biodiversity Assessment credit? If so, you're not alone. Thirty percent of STARS reporters do not complete this credit. And yet biodiversity loss and habitat degradation is one of the major crises of our times. In this interactive session, learn simple, accessible tools and skills to support you in identifying endangered and vulnerable species and areas of biodiversity importance on your campus. We'll also walk through strategies for developing plans for protecting these species, habitats, and ecosystems. Using University of Dayton as a case study, we'll introduce and practice key map-reading skills for campus habitat assessments, locate surveys and inventories of important species in your area, and decode the language of endangered and vulnerable species habitat management plans. This session will give you the foundation and confidence you need to identify and support important habitats and species, and improve the biological diversity values of your campus.

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Graduate Students or Above
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