The Voluntary University Review: Linking AASHE STARS to the Sustainable Development Goals

Alexandra Hiniker Presenter
Carnegie Mellon University
On-Demand Lightning Talk 


This session will consist of a presentation from Alexandra Hiniker, the Executive Fellow for Sustainability Initiatives at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), who will share her experience developing the Voluntary University Review of the Sustainable Development Goals for Carnegie Mellon University, and discuss ways that this ongoing engagement process can be complementary to existing AASHE STARS reporting mechanisms.

All countries are invited to present a Voluntary National Review of the Sustainable Development Goals. While working for the City of New York, Alexandra created the concept of the Voluntary Local Review so that local authorities could also use common language of the Sustainable Development Goals to discuss shared challenge and solutions. Carnegie Mellon University is now entering this space with a Voluntary University Review.

First, she will provide background information about the Sustainable Development Goals, and then she will present CMU's experience developing and implementing the Voluntary University Review, highlighting the ways that AASHE STARS reporting helped inform this exercise. She will then present ways that CMU is using this universal framework to engage students, faculty and staff, and also how this process is helping to identify complementary education, research, and practice initiatives.

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