Traveling Through STARS to Foster Sustainability on Commuter Campuses

Anthony Bush Presenter
Sustainability Certification Coordinator
On-Demand Lightning Talk 


Commuter campuses face unique challenges building a strong sustainable campus culture. Traditional colleges tend to have strong campus cultures that have been cultivated over time and may even be the reason a student chooses that particular college over another. Having a strong campus culture can aid in building a strong sustainable campus culture. Many of the students attending commuter campuses are only on campus when they are attending their classes making it more challenging to foster a sustainable campus culture. The STARS program can help create a baseline for campuses from which they can begin the exciting transition to a more sustainable campus. This workshop will share and brainstorm ways in which commuter campuses can utilize STARS to foster sustainability on their campuses. Lessons learned on the Indiana University campus will be shared in order to help spark conversation about ways to build a more sustainable commuter campus culture.

Primary Topic Area

Campus Engagement & Culture

Secondary Topic Areas

Coordination & Planning

Session Level

Introductory Level

Intended Audience

Graduate Students or Above
Other Staff
Sustainability Staff
Undergraduate Students