We Can Submit: An Authentic Discussion of a First Time STARS Submission

Kendall McDonald Presenter
University of Mississippi
Lindsey Abernathy Co-Presenter
PhD Student, Higher Education
Oklahoma State University
Jade Chalkley Co-Presenter
Graduate Student
University of Mississippi
On-Demand Educational Session 


Calling all STARS wannabes! Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about starting the STARS process? Has your office tried to submit and is yet to be successful? Are other departments NOT flocking to give you the data you desperately need? Does the data even exist?

This is the session for you.

After multiple attempts, the University of Mississippi Office of Sustainability submitted its first STARS report in 2019. This had been a goal for nearly a decade. This presentation is a realistic representation of the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities faced by a small sustainability office to complete this vital step in advancing sustainability at the institution. UM's STARS report was the first submitted in the state of Mississippi, where the political and social environment contributed to unique challenges. In this presentation, representatives from the UM Office of Sustainability will offer insights and space to troubleshoot obstacles to submitting STARS, particularly for those who are struggling to mobilize their institutions. First-time submitters-and those who dare to dream-are welcome! We seek to empower and connect attendees in our session.

Primary Topic Area

Coordination & Planning

Secondary Topic Areas

Campus Engagement & Culture
Wellbeing & Work

Session Level

Intermediate Level

Intended Audience

Graduate Students or Above
Sustainability Staff
Undergraduate Students