Sustainability in Universities: way to STARS

Jose Martinez Sepulveda Presenter
Sustainability Department
Universidad EAN
Thu, 10/22: 2:45 PM  - 3:45 PM 
Live Networking & Discussion Group 
Thursday Afternoon Networking Time 


Several universities that have been implementing sustainability on their campuses are not yet part of the STARS system, but they can follow other indicators and sustainability management systems. The idea is to create a meeting with these institutions, in order to generate a group that seeks, during the period 2020-2021, to share experiences and begin to implement the STARS system by AASHE.
The relevant thing about this meeting will be that we can share experiences between various monitoring and sustainability management systems, but likewise, we will be able to observe the pros and cons of becoming part of the STARS system, working as a support group and facilitating the implementation activities.
In this way, this space will be valuable for the attending universities, for which they are already part of STARS that can sponsor the process and for AASHE.

Primary Topic Area

Coordination & Planning

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Campus Engagement & Culture

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Sustainability Staff