Galvanizing Gaia: Catalyzing A Social Incubator for Women Sustainability Leaders and Innovators

Marna Hauk Presenter
Instructor, Graduate Mentor, Sustainability Education
Champlain College, Prescott College, and Institute for Earth Regenerative Studies
Denise Mitten Co-Presenter
Prescott College
Sun, 10/27: 8:30 AM  - 4:30 PM 
Full-Day Workshop 
Full-Day Pre-Conference Workshop 
Room: 206A - Air & Climate 
Two ecopreneurship professors create a supportive context for women sustainability entrepreneurs and campus program innovators to move from idea to action with their regenerative project ideas. This dynamic workshop will use the high energy methods of social incubators designed to accelerate projects to optimize a connective context for bringing sustainability ideas to life. You can also join us to experience the process and apply it to a later venture. Participants will leave this workshop with inspiration, tools, and next steps on the path to a successful launch or reinvigoration. Co-creating sustainability economies includes catalyzing generative contexts for starting up sustainability initiatives. Join this high energy dynamic duo of sustainability ecopreneurship education for fresh perspectives and tools.

The presenters are award-­winning ecopreneurs with over five decades of collective leadership and consulting experience. They bring dynamic learnings to share from Donnella Meadows, Joanna Macy, Janine Benyus, Nel Noddings, Vandana Shiva, and other women sustainability leaders.

Audience Empowerment

This is a dynamic and participant involved workshop from visioning boards to networking. We have several experiential activities that help participants connect nature related principles from biomimicry to regenerativity to their project or venture. Participants learn to embed sustainability concepts into the project from the design through implementation. This workshop includes fresh new approaches in addition to the wonderful toolbox from earlier offerings. 

Primary Topic Area

Wellbeing & Work

Secondary Topic Areas

Coordination & Planning
Diversity & Affordability

Session Level

Intermediate Level

Intended Audience

Businesses and Community
Sustainability Staff