7th Workshop on Research for Sustainability: Investigating Mass Timber as Green Alternative

Tahar Messadi Presenter
21st Century FJSOA+D Chair of Sustainability
University of Arkansas
Stephen Boss Co-Presenter
Professor Environmental Dynamics & Sustainability
University of Arkansas
Sun, 10/27: 8:30 AM  - 4:30 PM 
Full-Day Workshop 
Full-Day Pre-Conference Workshop 
Room: 202A 
Wood is an age-old construction material, first used around ten centuries ago in the building of Neolithic long houses with crude joints that barely held up a roof. Today wood is being re-imagined, able to hold intense weight loads and withstand fire and seismic shocks. Wood is now engineered into cross laminated timber, laminated veneer lumber and glue laminated timber. Wood pulp can even be used for 3D printing applications. These mass timber innovations are being developed to enhance sustainability in the construction sector by reducing use of materials with high embodied energy like steel and concrete and their. The 7th AASHE workshop on research for sustainability will evaluate the use of mass timber in the construction industry from a sustainability perspective. This event aims to bring leading scholars and researchers together with architects and engineers to introduce the audience to the latest developments in timber research and to discuss new wood products, processes and concepts and their potential as competitors to concrete or steel. Attendees will also examine the environmental benefits of this renewable material and compare it to conventional construction materials in terms of life cycle environmental impact life cycle cost.

Audience Empowerment

The audience will participate in break-out discussions with experts for deeper learning about sustainability trends impacting the buildenvironmentand new research needs realize amore sustainable built environment. 

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