Sustainable Procurement: Considerations and Best Practices

Andrea Desimone Presenter
Purchaser Relations Senior Manager
EPEAT/Green Electronics Council
Jonathan Rifkin Co-Presenter
EPEAT/Green Electronics Council
Sun, 10/27: 8:30 AM  - 12:00 PM 
Half-Day Workshop 
AM Pre-Conference Workshop 
Room: 202C - Energy 
Strategic sustainable purchasing programs allow institutional purchasers, and colleges and universities in particular to advance the sustainable design of products and services they purchase while realizing environmental savings for their own organization. This workshop explains foundational aspects of a sustainable purchasing program, viewed through the lens of the procurement professional. The workshop's "Procurement First" philosophy offers solutions that help campuses balance primary procurement needs while integrating sustainable considerations into the purchasing process. Workshop leaders will survey participants prior to the workshop to customize content so that material speaks to the each school's level of maturity and focus and so that breakout groups can be formed accordingly. This may include referencing policy, laws, processes, or procurements that address sustainability, and facilitating conversation around forthcoming initiatives.

Workshop presenters bring more than a decade of sustainable procurement experience and will share best practices and tactics through five workshop modules:
  1. Understanding the sustainable purchasing value add
  2. Organizational considerations and buy-in
  3. Commodity prioritization and specification development
  4. Embedding sustainability into the procurement process
  5. Maintaining a sustainable purchasing program

This session is appropriate for members of the procurement team who want to start or grow their sustainable purchasing program as well as sustainability staff looking to influence their procurement colleagues and set campus-wide policies that empower all school purchasers to make procurement decisions that help grow the sustainable economy.

Audience Empowerment

Participants will be surveyed prior to the workshop in order to incorporate specific campus' opportunities and challenges into the content. We will integrate opportunities for discussion around the audience's relationship with sustainability in their professional and personal lives. We will also spark conversations about policy, existing programs, and existing procurement systems. Small group break-out sessions will allow discussion and problem-solving among procurement and sustainability staff. 

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